Why are we taking more medication and getting sicker?

If I was a detective, this would be my biggest case ever.

Here is the puzzle.

We are getting sicker and sicker, and we are taking more and more medication.

Chronic diseases are worse and worse for us. And it isn’t just adults or older folks.

Kids are sicker and sicker too.

So the question is, Why are we getting sicker?

And could there be a single, unifying common reason why we are getting sicker?

First, in case you are a physician or know one :) let me clear this up…

I’m not against doctors, BUT

I’m the son of a doctor and my wife is the daughter of a doctor. When our kids are sick we take them to the doctor.

We aren’t against medicine.

Not by any means.

But evidence in this video has mounted up that the more we are treated by medicine for chronic disorders, the sicker we get.

Notice I said “chronic disorders.” If I am bleeding from my scalp, doctors can stop the bleeding and prevent infection. Cool deal.

But if I am a little sick with asthma, or high blood pressure, or acid reflux…different deal altogether.

And we ARE getting sicker. We are getting more and more chronic disease.

  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Weight gain even if we eat very little
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Acid reflux
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Sleep apnea
  • PCOS

Am I speaking to you or a loved one?

You betcha.

You know this is true.

Maybe YOU are overweight AND have panic attacks AND have GERD.

Maybe your mom has three or four of these.

Now, doctors are concerned with treating SYMPTOMS but they are missing what could be the major CAUSE.

I think this is the case.

I think that almost 30 studies bear this out.

I think that the causes of much of these diseases can be addressed and the diseases stamped out with simple, easy exercises that you do at home.

Nothing in the gym.

Nothing difficult.

No expensive supplements.

No diets.

No medications (but you’ll need to take your existing medications until you and your doctor taper you off and hopefully eliminate them, but ONLY with your doctor’s active involvement.)

I want to tell you about it in this free mini course. Simply type in a blog comment to show your commitment and interest level and I’ll whisk you over to the mini course right away.

I promise you won’t be disappointed!
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1,244 Responses to Recover from sickness without diets, gym exercises or fancy supplements
  1. Matt

    I’d like to know more, please keep me in the loop!

    • Byron Gashler

      If I can get off my dependence on high blood pressure pills, or lose a little weight easily by changing my metabolism, than I’m surely interested.

      • Ginny

        Would love to watch your webinars!

    • Esther

      If I can cure my chronic low energy that would be great!!!

      • Lisa

        If I could get rid of my Fibromyalgia, that would be AWESOME!!!

    • Dan Mangan

      Can this help my vision?

    • JOHN


      • Angie Absten

        Ill health is being promoted by chemicals in air water food and soil. Use of plastics and other oil derifitives substances leave residue along with artificial ingredients in food and meds. These may be the reason for plaque,arthritis and neuro and behavior diseases.

      • Tide Collins

        Please add me to your list as I am very interested and want to get started with your program as soon as possible !


      I am very interested

    • Stephen s.

      I’d like to try this. Always looking to be healthier.

    • Marva

      I’m interested in finding out more about a natural way of feeling better – can’t wait to see your videos!

    • Artis

      I am on many medications & do realize thats NOT the answer to my health issues! Please send the videos & tell me more..

    • Linda Ohanian

      I am 66 and my husband is 73 and thanks to GOD we have great health. Older, naturally, but no medications, surgeries, etc. Am always looking for information to keep us as healthy as we can be.

    • Linda Ohanian

      Sent a message earlier. Just want to add that I’d really like to know more to help the patients I meet. So many aren’t being “cured” just enduring. Not good enough as the body is designed to heal!!

    • Vin


    • ray

      i need to lose some 20 pounds and live a more healthy lifestyle

    • Kerry Andrews

      sounds interesting….

    • Barry

      Please send the info. Thank you!

    • Johnny

      Please tell me more…..

    • I want and need to know more about the Oxygen Remedy please!

    • Forrest


    • I hope this works.

    • I have chronic pain & it is a constant struggle to remain positive and do what is needed to get ahead. I have been trying to work my real estate business but suffered a couple hits from people/organizations who were not ethical.

      I’m trying to secure a future for my retirement and for my children. Any help would be appreciated.
      Due to past domestic abuse, I’ve had to have surgeries to repair the damage & have some very painful physical issues.

      Still, I try to not rely on meds. However, the acupuncture I’ve been having is expensive & not covered by insurance.
      I’d like to work with a network of like-minded people as I know that a number of minds working together creates exponential results. And anything that will help my physical & mental efficiency is all for the better.

    • joe

      Need more info.

    • Tyjuan

      This falls right in line with what I try to tell my friends and family about staying healthy.

    • alex

      Sounds interesting.

    • Jaci

      Me, too. Always open to new information. Thank you!

    • john

      Just found out my oxygen level is 87. Looking for anything that might help.

      • Hanan

        Breathing is a reflex that is innate and probably very difficult to change, is it not? I wonder how something so simple and so universal can be improved. Also, it seems to be a paradox that breathing more frequently or more deeply does not oxygenate the body better. I am confused about this and would like to understand phisiology of breathing better.
        What brought me to this site was the question of whether an oxygen concentrator would help me get a better sleep. Perhaps I was asking a wrong question?

    • Dave

      If the idea is to get more oxygen into your body will H2O2 taken orally be beneficial as well as breathing excercise?

    • Brenda Kauffman

      I would like to learn more…..i have friends who have had good success with buteyko or capno breathing.

    • Carlos

      Looks very interesting. But as a consumer, seems a little too much marketing not saying anything about the miracle method…

      But I bite the marketing trap, I want to know more.

    • Nandita

      I want to learn more

    • Nandita

      I wanted to learn this technique

    • Fred Baker

      Super Duper!

    • Bruce

      I am very interested. I studied breathing methods in the 80’s and tonight discovered new insights about the science of breath from visiting normalbreathing.com, which led me to this site. Please sign me up for your newsletter or mini-course.

    • oliver

      please send me more now please :)

    • pavlina

      thank you for this

  2. Linda L

    I agree, my healthcare costs have tripled over the last 5 years.

  3. Brett Gariche

    I bet the health insurance industry would love to hear about this!

  4. Jason Klein

    This is great info, my family and I would like to hear more about this. Do you have a newsletter or something?

  5. William

    Great info, as always Richard!

    • tide collins

      Looking forward to your very inspiring program

  6. Steve K

    I am overweight and also have a sleep problem. Now my doctor tells me I am probably going to develop diabetes this year. I have struggled for a long time with my weight and I feel that you’re right, it seems to bring on other conditions. I’d love to hear more and see the video!

  7. Melissa

    Sounds very interesting can’t wait to see the videos!

  8. George Thanis

    My wife and I are in our late 30’s and don’t feel like we used to. I’ve been researching more natural health methods and I think I’ve heard something like this. Looking forward to learning more.


  9. Eileen

    Solid useful information once again, Richard :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cedric Farris

    Why haven’t I heard of this before? I’d like to see the videos, and yes if it’s something that works and can help people I will gladly help “spread the word”

  11. BJ

    You have some good points. Interested in seeing the video course!

    • Michael bennett

      You have good points I would need to see more. But interested and look forward to the additional info or plan

      • Joe

        Please send me information. thanks

  12. Maury Delinn

    My cousin is a doctor and I am sending her to check out your site. Please allow me to see your video course information as I do have some health issues!
    Thank you very much, Maury.

  13. Sarah Tripani

    I can definitely agree with this. I have had asthma since I was 19, and it has not been fun. I hate being controlled by how far away my inhaler is! I’d like to see your method and if it would work for me.

  14. Fred

    This is just in time for me! Thanks Richard and I’ll see you “on the course” :)

  15. Janine

    I take 4 pills every day and I’m not even 50. Doesn’t seem like our parents had to do this! Please get me more info on this.

  16. Harold R

    Keep up the good work Richard, and the good words!

  17. Jerome

    My uncle could really use this info. How do I hear more?

  18. Cindy L

    Anything to lower my medical bills…

  19. Marty Wozniak

    This sounds like another “weight-loss miracle” but I’m willing to give you my time to hear what you have to say. If it’s been around that long it must be worth listening to. Please send me the mini-course.

  20. jenny s

    i am thrilled to find this information.

  21. Dennis

    I have been trying to lose weight and can’t. I am very interested!

  22. sharon ellis

    awsome info i learn a lot thank sharon

  23. brenda


  24. cecil

    You have to be making millions on this program

  25. Alex

    keep me informed

  26. David Miller

    I suffer from Candida, irritable bowel syndrome, maybe even Chronic fatigue. I always seem to be tired no matter how much sleep I get. I have tried detoxification products and I am still tired. I am starting to believe that the first place to start is something like a breating exercise course. Please keep me inform about this. I would love to find out more. Thank you.

  27. Jarey

    I went for 69 years without a prescription for any sort of malady. Now all at once I have six pill bottles lined up that my doctor says I have to take every day. I look forward to what your videos have to say.

  28. TODD J

    i`m real curious to see what this is.

    Todd j.

  29. JOHN

    Sounds interesting, and free too?

  30. Sue Roberts

    I have multiple sclerosis ,asthma,hypothyroidism and various other ailments I do hope you can help me it would be a miracle to feel just that little bit better.

  31. Nagham

    sounds too good to be true, will love to try for myself..:)

  32. Larry

    Thank you please send more information. Thanks Larry

  33. luc

    Sounds exciting. My health is deteriorating for no reason. Looking forward to hear what this can do for me

  34. Neville Duncan

    Very believable!

  35. Karen Powell

    I want to hear more! Send it on!

  36. Bob

    I want to hear more.

  37. Lonnie

    Heard the radio show, please send me more information.

  38. Joe Gracik

    To many people taking to many meds they probably don’t need . Can’t wait to see the video

  39. joe yankowsky

    I’m 48 have sleep disorder and am on the mask,which is really not helping. was in a severe accident last year gained about 60lbs now have high blood pressure and many more health issues because of this looking for alternative help
    thanks joe

  40. Joelen Heflin

    I’ve always believed there was a natural way to better my health but could never find the solution. I stumbled on an interview with you on a local radio station and was excited to go to your website for more information. I’m ready to get started!

  41. Joelen Heflin

    As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. My high speed internet isn’t speedy enough so the videos were too choppy. I would guess the webinar would be also. I also want to view info at my own convenience. Just send me a copy of it though the mail. In the radio interview, you said your book was available on the website. I didn’t find it. One more of life’s disappointments.

  42. richard

    thank you for the kind comments.

  43. Liza

    I want to hear more too! thanks!!

  44. Angelo

    Hi Richard,

    Treat the Cause instead of the Symptoms?
    How Out of The Box thinking is that ?
    and Controversial?

    That we should come to our senses and treat the obvious?
    DUH ???

    Thanks, Angelo : )

  45. Buddy Balogh

    Heard about this on Jim Slinsky’s radio show this morning. Sounds like a good, natural possibility for better health. Certainly worth a try.

  46. Edith Maki

    Why all the suspense? I developed diabetes even after having
    been on vitamins most of my life.

  47. kate

    tell me more

  48. P Bayne

    very interesting

  49. Raymond Fritz

    I’m anxious to try this. i have a lot of health problems and hope that it can make a difference.

    Ray F

  50. premdan Lakra

    yes, I would like to learn more about these short tx.

  51. William Dietzel

    have high blood pressure; am skeptical, but interested

  52. Deb Daugherty

    My brother heard about you yesterday on the radio and immediately called me. My sister, brother and I have struggled with health problems all our lives and have bought thousands of dollars worth of supplements to keep us going. I am at a point now in my life where I am extremely scared for I have approx. 10 more years before I can retire and can barely make it through each day. I truly don’t know how I will survive working the rest of this year. I wonder what will become of me.

    Looking back, I have realized that I have always breathed incorrectly, but never realized that something so simple could possible “fix” you, make you feel whole again, have energy, brain unclogged, etc. If this works, it will be a miracle and I will spread the word to everyone I know and meet. So many of my friends and loved one are sick and if I can help them feel better, there is nothing as great as that.

    Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned and to do it unselfishly (free) shows what kind of person you are. There is so much greed in this country and to experience just one person who cares, brings a little faith back to me.

    Thank you ever so much for your kindness and knowledge.

    If this works….. I will be forever grateful.


    • Rob

      I would like to her more!

  53. John Brown

    I have been looking for something like this, Want to hear more.

  54. David Blois

    Sounds very interesting!

  55. Barry

    I just listened to Richard Geller talking about me on the radio. How can he know all about my symptoms and problems? I am willing to pay attention to a man this clever and work hard to follow his advice to improve my health.

  56. ed smith

    very interested on how this could improve quality of health

  57. joan smith

    Do this help COPD or Atrial Fib??
    What is the cost–a newsletter??

  58. Randy Underwood, MD

    I’m very interested in this concept, not only for myself, but for my patients as well. I am, however, concerned about the possiblility of creating a state of respiratory acidosis by rising CO2 levels. This could result in adverse effects on many biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis and enzyme function.

  59. mary

    Some super athletes are known to naturally receive more oxygen in their bodies
    (like Lance Armstrong). That is how he was able to fight cancer.

  60. Dennis Butte

    I have several health issues that I have always assumed were related to my exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. I had prostrate cancer at age 54 and am a border line type 2 diabetic. I am overweight by forty pounds and have not been able to lose the weight. At one point in my life I could not buy health insurance for less than $11k a year. I am interested in what you have to say!

    • helga

      I would like to know more about the O2 minicourse.

  61. rebecca

    I suffer from several of the conditions that you listed in your article. I am willing to try just about anything to get off medications. Please send me the mini course. Thank you!

  62. Bret

    I be more then interested in knowing your secrets and willing to try and see how much better I be…

  63. Merlyn

    Tell me more..

  64. jim thomas

    I am so looking forward to learning more!


  65. Beverly Darling

    I’m 64 years old & I’m taking high blood pressure medication.
    I would love to hear more & see the video.

  66. carol marinangeli

    I’m suffering from emphysema and am on continuous oxygen.This is like being tethered to my house and limits me as far as where I can go.

  67. George Dunkle

    I’d love to see the video



  69. Doug Syler

    I learned that dentists are exploring helping snoring and sleep apnia by wearing a night guard which is very simple for a dentist to make out of bioacrylic sheet. A pulsioxiometer is worn over night to see oxygen levels. With sleep apnia a person stops breathing and then wakes up during the night only after the heart rate increases due to low oxygen.

  70. Brad

    Sounds good I’m tired all the time, i wouild like to try this.

  71. cyndi sheng

    convince me

  72. Paul Pakutka

    I’m interested in improving my health and getting off medications.

  73. Joe

    I am skeptical but open minded. Show me.

  74. Keith Mills

    Sounds very interesting I wish the video was here , but cant wait to get it and take a look.

  75. Robert Kibler

    I’ve heard of this years ago. I would like to try this.

  76. van

    Interesting. If it works I could really use it.

  77. Laura

    My son has had asthma since kindergarden and has his heart set on a military career which, with asthma, is impossible. Looking forward to the videos.

  78. Michele Doran

    I just heard you on the radio and would like to hear more.

  79. Yes, I am taking more medicine now than ever. Tried all the time, Can’t seem to lose the weight no matter what I do.

  80. Tom

    Heard you on the morning radio show…sounds interesting and familiar…now what?

  81. I have high blood pressure and am taking medication for that and also have a high PSA level which I am lowering with medication, both have side effects that I do not care for.

  82. Deborah L Price

    I heard about this on an early morning radio program. This sounds very good, & I would like to learn more. It seems like it is nothing but a pain to get older. More aches & pains, more medications and little hope. I would love to loose weight, but it seems like I have to starve to get any pounds off & then the next thing you know, they’re right back on. I am very interested in your video. Thank you, Deb

  83. June Hill

    I heard you on with the radio this morning and I wanted to check your site out. I have most of the things you mentioned and I have thought about breathing exercises on my own, not as a healer but just to improve my lungs. I am anxious to see your video and see if it does work.

  84. Bill

    you caught my attention on morning radio , tell me more.

  85. I believe i know where you are heading. I would like to read and try your plan.

  86. l. Scott clay

    I am very skeptical

  87. Shirley

    My parents take so many medications, I don’t want to end up like that also.

  88. M. Curtis

    I want to know more. I am overweight, and need help. Please send the video instruction course ASAP.

  89. Kathy Allton

    On my way to work today, I heard you on the radio and thought wouldn’t it be great if this works. Please send the video as soon as possible.

  90. Jim

    Keep me informed.

  91. Tim

    Looking forward to hearing more and watching the video course.

  92. Trevor

    Would like to hear more on this.

  93. Bill Meyer

    I have Type 2 Diabetes.
    I would like to lose weight.
    I currently wegh 275, 6Ft.
    I am very active as an official in high school and college sports.
    I was involved in an auto accident in Jan.
    I am still doing therepy from the accident.

  94. andrea wood

    I heard you on the radio this morning and immediately came to this site- I have been interested in “natural” health for many years. I am looking forward to your information!

  95. delcoguy

    Looking forward to the video

  96. mark

    I am very interested. Send me more information.

  97. Jill Anderson

    Interested in learning more after hearing you on the radio.

  98. Sarah

    Asthma is just getting worse… and is interferring with my daily activities. Please tell me more!!!

  99. Andrea

    I am very interested in learning more about this technique. Please send me the info.

  100. carol french

    anxious to learn more

  101. Steve W

    I am 50 and have put on about 15 poundas that I just can’t shake. I don’t want to take medicines, but I also realize that excess weight can cause numerous poroblems.

  102. Amy

    I want to learn more to stop and change all kinds of stuff.

  103. Glenn

    Weight, blood pressure, borderline sugar, working with herbal and better eating. Will this help? Willing to try.

  104. Pearce

    This sounds too good to be true, but it might be worth giving it a chance. Being the cynic I am, I wonder where the catch is.

  105. This is yet another story I’m hearing from a company who claims they have THE answer. Do you really???? I’ve bought into more remedies and ways to lose weight than I care to mention but to no avail…. Being a sufferer of 100 pounds overweight, sleep apnea, being tired all the time, no energy to do simple things like clean the house…. do you really have the answer or will this be another disappointment? I NEED TO HEAR THE TRUTH FOR IT SHALL SET ME FREE.

  106. Dan

    sounds too good to be true. Lets hear more

  107. Dave


  108. ron smith

    I would to here here more.

  109. Asa Pufg

    Would like to see videos

  110. Helen

    You have peaked my interest. Anxious to receive the video.

  111. Kevin

    Please send me more info.

  112. brian

    herd you on the radio this morning.i’m 38 and take 10 pills a day just sick and tired of treating the symtoms.

    • Paul

      I am 58 and have high blood pressure, arthritis in my knees and recently gained a lot of weight. I would like to learn more about this program.

  113. Melissa

    I am 30, overweight, overly stressed, on anxiety and depression meds, chest pain, the list goes one and on…..need a way out!

  114. Waldo White

    I would like to hear about this.

  115. Eric Yarhouse

    I would like to check it out.

  116. Amy

    Can’t wait

  117. ray lewis

    I am stuggling to controll my weight and glucose with type II diabetes. I am continuing to increase the medications I take for the diabetes and others issues. I now take five precription medicinies.

    I would like to hear more about your technique to improve breathing.

  118. I am anxious to learn more. Please send me more information.


  119. Steve

    Eager to learn more… and find out “where’s the money.”

  120. Kathy

    Can’t wait to see your video!

  121. richard

    This sounds like the thing that my family has been looking for. I pray it works for us.

  122. I’d be pleased to find out more about this. please send it.

  123. Esther Hershey

    I would love to hear more about this. I am a diabetic

  124. robt

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  125. Nancy

    You have my attention



  127. Lee

    Ready to see actual results

  128. Jessie

    I believe there is definitely something to increased oxygen intake in our system. My allergies have gotten much better after doing yoga type exercises with the breathing emphasized.

  129. Barry Trousdale

    I am a little over weight and am always tired. I think something like this is exactly what I need.

  130. Trip Vail

    I have put on 50 lbs in 6months, the Dr thinks i might have type 2, I need your assistance.

  131. Bob Slater

    I’m curious!

  132. robert lovell

    i’m 67 and treating for diabetes and hi b/p

  133. Tammy

    Would like to learn more about this to help prevent the use of prescription drugs.

  134. mark

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  135. Marty

    I am most anxious to learn about this

  136. Marty

    I am most anxious to learn about this. Tell me more

  137. Tom

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  138. peter


  139. Dan

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  144. Angie

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  145. Am VERY interested – Thank you!

  146. Dave Moore

    I have everything you talked about to a certain degree i cant wait to get started

  147. Ron Millar

    Nothing would make me happier than getting rid of the medication I’m taking. Please keep me informed.

  148. Jane Danduran

    Hope I can leave polycythemia vera behind me.

  149. Andrew Young

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  150. Paul

    Although I take steps to be very healthy, I have high cholesterol, GERD (resulting in Barrett’s Esophagus, and sleep apnea. I am very interested in this concept.

  151. Duane Kramer

    Send info

  152. Mary


  153. William Watkins

    I’m very interested in loosing weight and lowering my blood pressure. Can you show me how?

  154. Howard

    I’ve got it all and medications too. Can’t wait to try.

  155. John

    I am interested in reducing the number of meds I take. Send info.

  156. M.Wright

    I would like to know more about this & can’t afford pills & additional costs -

  157. Mike Kaufman

    I take 3 medications every day and for high blood pressure. I am overweight, and don’t seem to be able to loose weight. I welcome the opportunity to look into your system.

  158. Marian McHenry

    Saw information about your video, Please send me more information. I have HBP, Type II diabeties, ect, ect.

  159. Sherrie

    I’m interested.

  160. Pat

    I heard an interview with you on the radio this morning while driving to work. It sounded very interesting and I’d like to find out more. Please send me the free video course. Thank you.

  161. Teresa

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  162. Terry

    I’ve been diagnosed with GERD. Looks like a lifetime of prescribed chemicals. Maybe your information will change this probelm.

  163. John

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  164. KK

    I have a daughter with severe environmental allergies. After trying many different meds and a bad reaction to shots we would like to try something else.

  165. david

    I am a Chiropractor and would love to share this info with my patients

  166. Does your system help with pain ? Joint pain, arthheritis, surgerical repaired foot, hip, & knees. Contact sports player as a kid, has caught up to me.

  167. Harold

    This sounds interesting. I’ld like to learn more.

  168. Dale

    High Blood Pressure, and Over Weight

  169. Larry Dixon

    Overweight for years and years; on several meds. for 20 + years. I am intrigue and certainly willing to give this a try. May help overs that I know.

  170. Penny

    I am taking so many drugs for thyroid disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and type II diabetes, it’s a problem remembering to take one in the middle of the night, 3 pills in the morning and the rest in the afternoon. I’m so ready and willing to try your breathing program.

    • my name is james bush i will be 65 yrs old in july last year in may i had to have a stent put in next to my heart i have high blood pressure high cholesterol sleep atena acid reflux between my heart dr and my family dr i am now taking 15 different med i also have opetrosit and artristie ii have never smoked i do not drink are do drugs i go to church ever sunday i take my two great granchildren with me yes i will try your treatmet i hate taking medicine god bless you thank you james bush i spent a month in the hospital for depression last year in feburary

  171. Reva Hutchins

    I am anxious to see video. Please send.

  172. david

    I would like to share this info with my patients

  173. Mickey Arant

    As a retired Respiratory Therapist, I am very interested. Please send the info Thanks

  174. Art Showalter

    My parents both died from oxygen/lung problems. I would like to know more.

  175. Steve Smith

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  176. Wanda Davis

    I’m interested; tell me more.

  177. Nancy

    Yes, I too would like to learn more.

  178. sean wyatt

    I would like to see this video course. I heard you on the radio this morning and went straight to the site to check it out.

  179. Heard you on Coast to Coast AM

  180. Nancy

    Sounds too good to be true, but I will be so grateful if it can deliver on any of the expectations.

  181. T. Burns

    Do you have an affiliate program?

  182. Richard E McKenzie

    I’ve been on blood pressure meds for last 20 years. Also, overweight by about 20 lbs and just can’t control my need for sugar type snacks. No diabetes yet, but it is a major concern. Very interested in your information. Thanks, Richard

  183. Mike

    When things seem too good to be true they usually are. I have become very skeptical in my old age. However I am tired of being tired and taking so many medications. So I am willing to take a chance and be surprised.

  184. Jerry Phillips

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  224. Well, I guess I’m not the only skeptic ( after reading other comments) but I am interested in the information. Send video

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    I have a weight problem in the last couple of years also.
    Would like to be able to treat my problems other then using medications that are bad for your bodies organs.

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  381. Dr. Katherine

    I have had sleep apenia, now cornic fatigue, because I have been trying the last 10 years to find a natural way to fix it and so far everything I have tried in wholistic medicine & orthodox medicine has not helped. I would like to try your method and see if I can finally turn this thing around before I wear out my heart. thank you for what I have heard so far and appreciate a webinar so I can do it properly.

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    I am thrilled to receive the free video course to start my improvement in my health. Thank you for your generosity.

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    Thanks you

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  418. Daniel

    As one who works in the health care industry, the most common diagnosed problems that are the most frequently treated include issues in: cardiac care, thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension, excessive weight, self-care intervention, Vit D difficiency, and substance abuse.

  419. Karl

    I do concur with this dicotomy of health. In fact we do not have a health system, we have a disease care system with benefits being paid to those who keep us sick. You have not even touched on the largest monopoly in the USA – the pharmaceutical companies. The richest of all companies. Why? We have a flawed paradigm of health!

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  431. Dear Sir

    I am thankful that you are interested in helping the total man and not just for financial gain. I am 60 years old and I am very interested in how I can better my health and provide my wife with informative information to help her improve her health. Thanks for taking the time to deal with this subject.

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    I attended the SUPER-Equity Doubler Non-Event Event… WOW! I said it right! LOL

    I was such A GOOD, good learning experience,
    Richard, you are awesome!

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    I’ll take the chance, send me more info.

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    You seem to provide alot of good financing information so I’m hoping that you can deliver on this health system.


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    God Bless You,

    John P.

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  736. I cured my type 2 diabetes with nutrition and lifestyle change. No drugs of anykind. Diabetes and the other chronic, non-communicative “diseases” are all afflicted with are not actually diseases, they are symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and can be cured with nutrition.

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    John Pavelka

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    Tell me more.
    Thanx, Jay

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    The list of positive effects from trying to breath less and using the breathing device I got from Artour Rakhimov’s Book is to vast to go into here. I want to increase my efforts so I can feel even better. Thank You.
    Joe Stand

  1012. Joe Stand

    I have gotten my control pause from 0 Seconds to about 20 seconds using the Normal Breathing Web Site. I have only been working on it for 3 Weeks and already I have experienced many positive benefits. I no longer suffer from Sleep Apnea and I only require 5-6 hours of sleep. I used to need 8-9 hours of sleep and needed a machine to help me breath while asleep. I have and increased energy level and I feel refreshed. The little bit of breathing retraining I have done has changed my life immeasurably. I would like to continue this area of study so I can improve my health and well being.
    Thank You,
    Joe Stand

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    thank you

  1120. Lionel Heastie

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    Claire Bowen

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  1139. I am a Chiropractor who rarely gets sick but have been battling bronchitis for 6 wks. and can’t seem to get rid of it.

  1140. kath

    I just realized last week that buteyko is what I have needed all my life – history of asthma, allergies and lifelong lethargy. mouthbreather from way back. now I am aware of my breathing and have a 8s control pause, take walks 4 days/week nosebreathing, try to tape at night, but feel panicked. I want to hear your story and join your webinar. also LOVE artour and will order his books next paycheck!

  1141. Amjad Ali

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